X-Mini Capsule 2 Speakers

Picked up a second X-Mini Capsule speakers today. They are going for $24 dollars at Canada Computers and they are pretty worth it for such a small speaker.

These are battery powered speakers that recharges via USB cable. The battery run time is suppose to be 11 hours of continuous music playback and are capable of daisy chaining up to 6 additional xmini capsule 2s

These units might be small but they pack quite a punch. These speakers are perfect little portable speakers that you can take where ever you want without needing to worry about plugging these into an outlet for power. I’ve been using the first one for about half a year now and I still love it. I usually use it at work during lunch time since the xoom’s internal speakers aren’t that loud in a decently loud environment near the A/C vents. If you have the volume on high enough during heavy bass songs the mini speakers itself rattles around the table which is pretty awesome.

The speakers has 2 modes. Closed and opened. Closed when you don’t want the bass on and opened when you twist the speakers to unlock it and open up the speakers to allow the vibrations to create the bass.

I’d say these speakers would rival your 20-30 dollar desktop speakers.. Of course they are not meant to replace the high end speakers such as my Corsair SP2500 but these speakers sure do make awesome travel companion.

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