Project Sandy Bridge… Complete

I have finally bought my case and have moved everything from the old tower to the new tower.

I decided to purchase the Silverstone Raven 3 case instead of either the Corsair Obsidian 650D or the NZXT Phantom case.

The case is different from your traditional case. Instead of the motherboard mounted the regular way where the I/O panel and the expansion slots is facing the back of the case, the motherboard is mounted where the I/O panel and the expansion slots are facing upwards. The power supply is not located at the back of the case instead is located at the bottom front of the case where it is mounted sideways. Silverstone included a mini extension cable to help direct the power to the bottom front hole so you can plug your normal power cable into

It’s an interesting concept.. Also, they placed the hd mount on the other side of the motherboard tray. Which is unique… Pretty much everything about this case is unique, which is why I chose this instead of the traditional case.

They of course also have the traditional HD mounting in the front of the case with the 5.25″ to 3.5″ adapter

Got my system installed.. with pretty good cable management.. no cable ties needed!

I also installed the H70 which I bought along side the Corsair 750AX power supply way back in January. lol

My next project is Project SSD… Where I simply replace the 640GB WD Black as the main system drive and use the 640GB as the application/storage drive. I will do that when I have enough to buy a good SSD. Vertex 3 or Corsair Force GT

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