Project Sandy Bridge Update 2

My system overhaul has not finished yet. I was still running on my old Radeon HD5770 and Thermaltake Armor V8000 case when I upgraded to Sandy Bridge. And it won’t be until I get the case, swap everything from the old case to the new case and install the Corsair H70 cooler. Probably wont be until June-ish, July.. Probably in between those two months when the temperatures are at their highest. Installing a “Hydro” cooler should help keep the CPU running nice and cool. Hopefully….

But the update is that I bought the ASUS HD6970 video card today at CC Vaughan.. Walked around the store and no one bothered helping me :(… Until about 10-15 mins into an employee came up and decided to ask if I needed help.. So I just told him I needed the video card and that was it. He tried to promote the Replacement Plan, but I quickly denied it since I won’t use it. And I know ASUS service warranty is excellent since I worked for them before and I know where their service center is located..

And here is the beauty!

Specs are as follows:
880Mhz Core / 5500Mhz(effective) Memory speed
1536 Shader Processors
2GB GDDR 5 VRAM capable of 176GB/s data rate or 2.7TFLOPS
The power output of this beast is 20w(idle)/190w(full)
based on the Cayman XT architecture from AMD Graphics division.

This video card is capable of eyefinity 6. Meaning you can hook up to 6 monitors per card to power 1 giant display for gaming and will utilize all 6 screens. As I do not have 6 monitors I will not be using eyefinity. lol

The monitor has 2 DVI connections, 1 HDMI connection(though you can only do DVI+DVI or DVI+HDMI and not DVI+DVI+HDMI as the DVI connected next to the HDMI share the same link as the HDMI port. So only one can be used at a time. You get the other 4 display support by using the Mini Displayport 1.2 ports. It allows you to connect up to 2 monitors per port if you have the Displayport Hub, which I’ve never seen in the market yet nor do I know how much it would cost. Since I do not have a displayport ready monitor I can’t use it.

The accessories I was shocked to see it did not come with alot inside. Only the Crossfire Bridge and the PCI Express power adapter.. I thought it would at least come with a few Displayport to hdmi connectors most other video card vendors do but regardless, I have no need for them..

I didn’t even bother using the drive disk that came with the card for installation, instead I went straight for the online version which is newer than the one supplied on the disk. Since I got it today I haven’t really ran any benchmarks to see how much of an improvement I have now over the 5770 and I probably do not need to as I am fairly certain the performance improvement would be great… Midrange card vs a high end card.. sort of no comparison.

The video card set me back $404 after tax.

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