Damn Persistant Virus

After basically the entire day of scanning and spending money on a new anti-virus program. I semi resolved the issue of fighting this damn virus. I have the dreaded Vundo virus, the one apparently hard to remove.

From Wikipedia:

Vundo infects victims’ computers by exploiting a vulnerability in Sun Java 1.5 and earlier versions. Many of the popups advertise programs including (but not limited to) Sysprotect, Storage Protector and WinFixer. It attaches to the system using bogus Browser Helper Objects and DLL files attached to Winlogon and Explorer.exe.

Avast kept detecting it but everytime it deletes it, the virus creates a new dll file and the cycle begins over again. So I’ve decided to look around for the “best” anti-virus software. Looking at neowin I decided to buy NOD32 anti-virus. But buying might not have been the best idea, as it appears they dont have the cure either. and using their trial version was hopeless as the virus definition was out of date. lol But anyway, I used the online scanner, it detected it and attempted to remove it. But like Avast it detected the dll file only but required the system to restart in order for it to delete the dll file. Since it was not the main virus, a new dll file was created and the cycle began.

I then used Spybot S&D. It found the virus and registries files. It deleted it. And I went into the Command Prompt from windows repair, using the Vista install disc to delete the last bits of the dll files.

So far. Spybot’s TeaTimer hasn’t bugged me about any changes in msconfig or registry and NOD32 isn’t detecting the virus. So Hopefully this is gone.

Either way, I’ve been having hardware problems anyway and I was considering buying new hardware for it, such as Going AM2+ with Tri-Core processor and DDR2 RAMs. the upgrade would cost roughly under 500 dollars. But it’s a needing upgrade anyway, the system is like 2 years old. :p

I’ve been thinking about going Linux, installing ubuntu ontop of vista and using it most of the time. Boot into windows if I need to play games.

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