Big Spender…

I normally do not spend this much money at once. The MacBook Pro purchase is a different story.. :p
But I currently have pre-ordered Apple’s 16GB iPod Touch. It looks like an iPhone but it does not have the phone functionality of the iPhone. It costs $550 after tax and I won’t be getting it until early next month since the iPod Touch doesn’t officially release untit September 28th, 2007. Also, I went to First Markham Place today and saw one of the Cell Phone stores selling unlocked iPhones already. 750 for 4GB and 899 for 8GB. not worth it. lol I ordered the HTC Touch, I could have gotten it today too if it weren’t sold out. Now I’ve been put on a waiting list for the phone and won’t be getting it at least until next weekend. The HTC Touch is a smart phone using Microsoft Mobile 6 Operating System. It’s also a touchscreen phone!! 🙂

I shall return to this blog and talk about each product once I actually get it in my hands. Until then, I shall be going to classes everyday and doing homework like always.. 😉

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