Vista… Now on sale..

Windows Vista is the best big windows since Windows XP was released 5 years ago. Vista brings in alot of new changes such as a nicer user interface. Unlike XP, there are even more versions. XP had Home, Pro and X64 Pro, Media Center Edition and Tablet Edition. and the Starter. Vista include Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate. 32-bit and their 64-bit counterpart.

Vista uses the new “Aero” Glass Effect on their desktop experience on Home Premium and above. Which utilizes the Video Card to render a glas effect on the window’s title bar which means you can see through it and see whats behind the window. With this new feature it means you actually need to have a video card that can render the graphics like playing a game. A Direct X 9 Video card is required and Vista requirements i believe are 128MB video memory (256MB are the more common video memory found on video cards today as well as 512MB)

They also have a 3D window switch which is “Windows Key + Tab” looks pretty cool too.. this also requires a video card capable of rendering, videos continue to play in this view this is pretty neat 🙂

XP had a special Media Center Edition for their Media Center PCs. Vista has Media Center capabilities built into Home Premium and Ultimate. Home Basic and Business does not have Media Center. Home Basic doesn’t even have Aero glass and the 3D window function. Tablet functionality, in XP was exclusive to Tablet Edition 2005 is built into If I remember correctly in Business and Ultimate.
Security wise, Vista has much better security with built in Windows Defender, and a better firewall. Windows also has OneCare which requires separate subscription.

Vista is the complete package.. has everything in both Home Premium and Business. And more.. Ultimate has dream scene. An animated desktop wallpaper.

CanadaComputers has Vista Ultimate for 244.99. Unfortunately, its only 32-bit edition. They don’t sell the 64-bit version, at least not yet.

System requirements. Its a big jump from the XP requirements. XP required a 233Mhz computer with a min 64MB of system ram and a 32MB video card. Vista.. Home Basic requires a system with 800Mhz CPU and 512MB System RAM. Other versions have a min requirement of 1Ghz processor 32-bit or 64-bit. Recommended specs are at least a 2.0GHz Processor as vista does take alot. especially using the Aero Graphics. A Direct X 9 video card with Pixel Shader Model 2.0 Support as well as 128MB of system RAM, at least a 40GB Hard Drive with 15GBs of free space. and of course a DVD-ROM as Vista comes on a DVD. Vista uses quite alot of disk space for the system alone. I havent gotten my copy of Vista Ultimate yet, Probably not until Vista released Service Pack 1. or When Seneca decides to let their users use it.. :p When I get it i’ll do a review on it.. lol but if you want vista. Make sure your system can handle it, and I would recommend either Home Premium or Ultimate. Home Basic is just too basic and Business is, well for Business users.. Ultimate is for the tech geeks! haha!

I used RC2 when it was public release.. I installed it on a system with an Athlon64 3200+ with 1GB System RAM and a 128MB Radeon 9800Pro video card. It sorta ram find, it lagged a bit at startup, but it ram pretty well. I would recommend at least 2GB of system RAM for vista ultimate.. but thats just me.. I’m a gamer.. lol 🙂

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  1. yeah i know about the ipod video 80gb..
    if i’m gonna buy a laptop like thing i plan on getting a tablet pc…

    yeah i know about the 604..i saw it at futureshop the wifi just came out….. i highly doubt i’d b able to get my hands on that yet…

    i think i’ll prob go with the pen hahahaa… i’ll keep that in mind .. if i know anyone in need of help putting a desktop together…

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