no MDG.. dual core clock speeds do not add up…

MDG Computers shipping with Dual Core are apparently advertised as 2×2.8GHz = 5.6Ghz EQL

Although its a good marketing ploy, that statement is completely and utterly false. MDG looks desperate in selling their computers to computer idiots.. :s. That is not how dual core works.. never has been, never will be.. They should be ashamed of themselves for even trying to do something like that. False Advertisement is a bad way of attracting customers.. lol. They’d probably make more money if they sold their computers with Intel’s Quad Core QX6700 4 x 2.66 = 10.64Ghz!!! 2 times faster than Dual Core 2.8Ghz processors!!! lol

One thought on “no MDG.. dual core clock speeds do not add up…

  1. yeah i have no clue what you are saying but seems interesting… what you mean i’m not into technology i’m into it but not gonna understand long as they look nice and i am able to learn how to use them thats fine with me hahahaa

    labtop too big … haha

    you have any recommendations on any portable devices that got bigger memory… i could get i pod video but i don’t really like it i dont’ know why..haha .. anything else along those line’s that are affordable and good ??

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