You think FireFox has a big memory leak?

Think again.  lol

I recently decided to install setpoint on this computer.   (as it’s been using Logitech’s G7 Gaming mouse for a while now without proper drivers installed.   I plugged in this new MX3200 keyboard set and decided to install the drivers so all it’s wonders will be useable..  lol)   anyway.  After installing.   It required me to reboot the system, so I did.  When the system started this “communications_helper.exe” program supposedly part of Logitech’s Desktop Messenger software (not a IM program but a software logitech uses to periodically check for updates for the software) requested access to the net.  So I let it.  After 2 days, Firefox’s memory count was consuming around 130MB Virtual Memory, but thats was not the major process using the most Virtual Memory.  to my surprise it was communications_helper.exe!!   it was consuming ALL my Virtual Memory.  all 2GBs of it!!!!!!  and I got a low VM warning.  first in my life!!!  lol.  killed the process and everything returned normal.  lol.. did a searched on the net and it appears this unknown program is installed on the new setpoint drivers.  anyway thats my rant.. hehe

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  1. I hate when Hardware companies put out crappy software to run their great hardware.

    ATI and Creative come to mind.

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