Auto-Update? No Thanks…

Windows Automatic Update is great for the average computer users, who usually careless of updating his/her computer with the latest security patch.   This feature might not be so great for the more advanced users who does stuff other than simply surfing the net or chatting or even typing a word document/powerpoint…

Automatic is good until it messes up what your doing in favor of windows forcing a self reboot cause it just finished installing updates for you without your permission.   Yup, thats what happen.  In the middle of a bryce render.   Windows self rebooted after installing “security” holes for me and forces the computer to restart.   In the middle of  a bryce render and Windows had to screw it up by restarting.  hence I have to restart the render.  Which is retarded.

If you ask me to recommendations about this.  I’d highly recommend not using this feature especially if you’d rather oversee the installation and rebooting your computer by yourself, this feature is pretty much annoying.. :doh:

2 thoughts on “Auto-Update? No Thanks…

  1. I know.. I thought I had it disabled but it turned out it was still enable.. so i disabled it but it was already too late. :doh: but when i told it to restart later. I thought it was going to let me manually restart it instead of forcing itself to restart by itself which is pretty stupid of letting he user pick the option of restart now or later.. the later part i’m assuming is predefined by microsoft to restart by itself about x amount of minutes… :bashwall:

  2. You know, you can change the auto update settings to only notify you when downloads are available and you decide when to dl and install them, or have it download them and you decide when to update, or just have it do it all on its own.

    Myself I have it disabled as well, I like to go in manually and pick and choose from the advanced option so I see exactly what it wants to put on my computer. Of course this usually means I’m slow to get the recent updates, but oh well.

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