DS Tuesday!

I’ve decided to get Nintendo DS.. All the pressure came from Harold! lol.. j.k so yeah, I’ll be getting the Black Version of DS on Tuesday @ Best Buy for $129.99 cause its on sale.. :p First Game will be Mario Kart DS.. :p then we’ll see how things go from there..

In other news.. its been a whole week since I got my Sony Ericsson, yet I haven’t posted about it.. :p well its my new Cell Phone, and I love it! it comes with 64MB Internal Memory, and is a 3.2MP Cybershot Digital Camera, which is actually quite good (quality wise.. lol) Its lightweight, and sounds good too.. The only problem I have with it is the memory card it uses.. something called Memory Stick Micro.. something only Sony has and its not available in Canada or US.. :doh: oh well.. I’ll ask someone from H.K to get it for me when they go to H.K haha!

One Reply to “DS Tuesday!”

  1. hehee… Harold’s peer pressure…

    yeah black seems nicer i wouldn’t go for white…

    psp on the other hand i would get the white i should’ve bought it when i saw that in HK…

    For some reaosn that kinda memory stick i’ve seen just don’t rmb where… i’m sure they have ’em here if they have the cell… u you gotta hunt

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