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Well, if you think about it.. its not really considered new if one of the desk is the desk you previously used and one was brought up from the basement.. lol Anyway. I should have had a new desk if they had them in stock at Sams Club, but they didn’t and I can’t wait a week cause of school starting next week. So since I moved everything eariler in the day, thinking I was gonna get the desk today which I didn’t. So I was forced to move everything back. 20″ big ass heavy TV, 2 19″ CRT monitor, a fully loaded computer which weights no less than 40 pounds.. and a 45pound subwoofer.. >_< Since my room was empyt at the time, I though I'd take this time to re-organize how the tables are, that way I won't have a monitor thats on an uneven surface.. lol :p Anyway. 6 hours later everything is set and have eveything re-hooked up, Properly I hope.. :whistle: If you want I'll have pictures tomorrow when I feel like taking them.. :p right now feels more comfortable than before, the A/C vent is directly above my feet.. ^_^ and the TV is to the right of me instead of behind me to the left.. lol, now if I want to watch TV, all I'd have to do is tilt my head to the right instead of spin my chair 180degrees to the left.. much better than before 😀

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  1. Ah I was gonna ask about pics earlier but forgot. :doh: But yes I definitely wanna see pics of the new setup, as well as when you finally get the new desk. :thumbup:

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